Day 4: BMR and other silliness

I had a friend ask me what my BMR was?  I’ve never really thought about my Basal Metabolic Weight.

ba·sal met·a·bol·ic rate
ˌbāsəl ˌmedəˌbälik ˈrāt,ˌbāzəl ˌmedəˌbälik ˈrāt/
  1. the rate at which the body uses energy while at rest to keep vital functions going, such as breathing and keeping warm.

So, essentially what your body burns every day without you doing anything.

I looked at a bunch of calculators and got a low of 2081 from MyFitnessPal and 2298 from

So, if I take the lowest number and and ingest only 1500 calories a day I’m burning over 500 a day.  That means I would lose a pound a week without exercise.  With my walking that would get even better.

A friend gave me a copy of Tim Ferris’s’ book The 4-Hour Body.  I’ve only skimmed through it but it seems like it has a lot of silly stuff in it.  When I finish it I will do a full review.  It is fun.  I do like the disclaimer he puts at the beginning.

Please don’t be stupid and kill yourself. It would make us both quite unhappy.
Consult a doctor before doing anything in this book.

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Reinventing Randall Bott Day 3

I’m doing well.  I’m down seven pounds.  I assume most of it is water but that is ok.  I’m on the right track.

I put up a hummingbird feeder a few weeks ago and I’m surprised at how many I am seeing.  I took a short video of the latest one and added it to my daily video.  I slowed it down and think it looks cool.  I’m a sucker for nature.

I’m trying my best to keep my calories around 1500 and walk at least ten thousand steps a day.  According to my calculations there are 2182 steps in a mile for me.  If I want to walk five miles I need to walk 10,910 steps.  I’ve been doing that or more most days with only a slight wrinkle when I have a long poker day.

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Reinventing Randall Bott Day Two

Pardon the cheesy music and video editing.  Playing around and having fun.

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Reinventing Randall Bott Day One

I’m doing it.

I’m limiting my calories, drinking a lot of water and walking five miles a day.  I will be constantly monitoring what I’m doing and adjusting.  I will be doing daily videos.

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Facing the Fat Documentary

I was trying to get motivated so I turned to Netflix.  Found a documentary by Kenny Saylors.  It is called Facing the Fat and it is a ripoff version of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  It was made in 2009 and it was pretty horrible.  The guy weighs in at 315 and decides to go on a 40 day water fast.  Forty days because that is biblical.  It ends up being 55 days.  He ends up losing 48 pounds but he is still morbidly obese and doesn’t look healthy to me.

Since this was eight years ago I look him up on FB and other places on the net and find that he ballooned up to 473 pounds That is about what my first Suburu weighed in 1976.  He started a new video series to drop the weight where he does a daily video series called Reinventing Kenny.  I began following him on FB and Twitter.  Currently he is on Day 107 and down around 85 pounds.  Good for him.

So, I’ve decided to do the same thing.  Only I’m going to do it quite differently.  I’m going to try keeping calories low, drinking a lot of water and exercising.  Mainly by walking.  I’ve failed so many times but not this time.

Image result for facing the fat movie

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Time For a Change

After my horrible gout experience I’ve decided I needed make serious changes in my life.  As I was thinking about this an interesting thing happened.  I was playing in a poker tournament at The Jack and a friend was sitting to my right.  He cracked my kings with ace king and annoyed me a bit.  He then said he was going to walk to his car during break and get some aspirin.  I said I’d walk with him. He looked at me in a concerned way and said, “I walk pretty fast and I take the stairs.”  I was surprised.  I’m able to walk at a nice clip for five miles at a time.  Then I took an honest look at myself and realized that I am a seriously fat guy.  Way too fat for a guy who is sixty years old and wants to live a quality life for a lot longer.

Back in February I had ballooned up to 298 pounds.  That is some serious tonnage.  I need to make some serious changes.  I will be doing that soon.

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Hero Cyclist

Some cyclists go beyond cycling.  This guy is my hero.  He should have a headlamp.  Safety first.


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