Video Experiment

I’ve seen videos online sped up.  I’ve never been that into them but saw one that was interesting.  Thought I’d try it.


Now 3x

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Ride to Oberlin/Kipton May 25, 2016

I’m such a dumbass.  The weather is finally turning nice so I want to get on the bike as often as possible.

I was beat from the Ride of Silence so I took a day off.  The next day I got up and it was perfect out.  It was going to be in the eighties so I wanted to get out before it got too hot.  I pulled the bike out and realize the Garmin battery was low.  I put it on charge.  Grabbed my Sony ActionCam, realized the batteries were low.  Grabbed my phone, at 4%.  Damn.  It would take an hour to get things going.

Didn’t leave until 10:30.

I headed to Oberlin and due to a train crossing closure had to take the long way around.  There was a strong headwind coming from the west and it was sapping my strength but I’m not letting anythings stop me.

Halfway to Oberlin I saw a group from Silver Wheels Cycling Club going the other way.  I caught it on video at the 1:45 mark.

Got to Oberlin feeling pretty good although it was getting warm. I took a short break.


I hadn’t known but there is a water station there.  I drink my fill and refilled my water bottle.


Feeling pretty good I headed to Kipton.  The ride there wasn’t bad.

Got back to Oberlin and headed home.  The heat was kicking in and the wind had shifted from the south now.  At around 25 miles I bonked.  I only had one water bottle and it was empty and I realized I had made a lot of mistakes.  I sat under a tree and regrouped.

The last four miles were tough.  I pushed through going 8-10 mph and got home spent.  I drank a gallon of water and vowed to stop being stupid.

What I did wrong:

  • Didn’t lay my stuff out the night before
  • Didn’t have my electronics charged
  • Didn’t eat anything before I left
  • Only took one water bottle
  • Went father than I should have with the miles that I have in

Live and learn.




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Ride to Wellington

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Warm with a very light wind.  I decided to ride west this time and head out to Wellington, Oh.  It’s only about six miles away so it would be an easy ride.  Just enough to start to get the legs in shape.

Got on the road and an annoying sound was coming from the bike.  Checked the front brake and it was fine.  Finally it became so annoying that I pulled over and found that the rear brake was rubbing.  Although I am a certified Fred I carry a tool kit and thanks to the bike maintenance class I took at the Swerve Bike Shop I was able to adjust my brakes and solve the problem.  I was very pleased with myself as I am not known as being a handy guy.

The ride took my past farms and woodland.  Wellington is an old town with big houses.  In the late 1800’s it was the cheese capital of the world.

I took a video, just to show what it is like to ride around where I live.  I screwed up and didn’t pause it so it shows my avg speed as being much slower.  No big deal.  Also, I’ve found that having the software overlay the GPS info onto the video is very time consuming.  It took four hours to do the overlay.  That is why I am posting this the next day.  Like I said, I am learning.

This is going to be a great season.  Everything is coming together.  Over the past year I’ve talked about my brother having cancer and all the time I’ve spent getting him treatment.  It paid off.  He had a PET scan last week and he is free of cancer.   He is once lucky guy.  When we started his cancer treatment he was given only a 20% chance of this.  Wow.

friday ride

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Short Ride Around LaGrange

Weather is finally turning nice.  The plan was to get on the bike around one but after a bunch of phone calls it was closer to 2:30.  Got all ready and found the back tire flat.  Took the back wheel off and found a small hole in the tire.  Replaced the tube and realized that I hadn’t replaced a back wheel in years.  Within minutes my hands were covered in grease, my chain was in knots and my derailleur didn’t look right.  Scary.  I came in, washed my hands and looked at a couple YouTube videos to make sure I did it right.  I felt incredibly stupid but what can you do?  Here are the videos I used.

Once on the road it was cool and windy.  I just wanted an easy ride so I headed east.  The plan was to ride ten to fifteen miles.  It’s going to get nice from now on so just wanted to get some miles on. Rode through the country and ended up going through Penfield.

I saw a few hawk, large number of vultures and one fat groundhog.  Everywhere around me people were getting going, mowing lawns and outside work.  It felt like Spring. I took a video but nothing interesting.  I’ll post the good ones, I promise.

It will be sunshine and warmer temperatures for the next few days.  I’ll be on the bike.  It’s been far too long.

Recent Ride




















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About Friggin Time!

We had an incredibly mild winter and then Spring came and took a dump.  We had high winds, rain and then snow storms that were far worse than any during the Winter months.  Just a few days ago my backyard looked like this.


Temperatures were wildly erratic and low with high winds.  It looks like they are stabilizing now and I should be on the bike tomorrow and every day after that.  I need to get some serious miles in and melt some of this excess girth.



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Thoughts on the Chili Wiener

After I posted about the Chili Wiener I realized I forgot to mention a few things.

The chili I made was much hotter than I normally make.  The night befosony_as200v_1109327re I tried a bowl and my teeth went numb and all I could say was, “Wowsa!”  The wife couldn’t eat more than a spoonful.  Now that I’ve had a few bowls I think it is my best.

I took the video using my new Sony AS200V action cam.  It is a nifty little camera that
allows ten hours or more of video.  The quality of the video is superb.  Much better than YouTube shows.  Best of all it has built-in anti-vibration so that the videos have a smoother feel.  It has tons of options and
does far more than I will ever need. I attached it to the bike via the K-Edge Go Big Camera Mount.  The camera mount is rock solid.  I haven’t tested it out but supposedly you get two and a half hours on a battery charge.  I bought two extra batteries with an extra charger.  When I got home, edited the video down to ten minutes or so I told the wife about it.  The conversation went like this:

Me: I finalized the vidKedgeeo of my bike ride.  Do you want to see it?

Wife: It’s just you riding your bike. right?

Me: Yeah

Wife: Any deer or interesting wildlife?

Me: No

Wife: So it’s just you riding your bike?

Me: Yeah

Wife: Oh boy, put it on.

The wife being a non-cyclist was underwhelmed whereas I was excited.  It works just like it is supposed to.  The software that came with it overlays the speed, distance and other info on the screen.  Then I put it into Adobe Premiere Elements and added a title and edited it down to it’s final state.


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I Rode the Chili Wiener Bike Ride 2016

Yesterday was the Chili Wiener Ride.

I got up to a bad weather forecast.  It said the roads were icy and it was cold.  Then I checked my email and there was one from Long Distance Cycling Cleveland group.  These guy ride all of the time in all kinds of weather.  They posted this, “The roads are not safe today. Let’s try it again tomorrow.” 

I put the chili and bike in the car and got dressed.  With my tights and insulated jersey the cold shouldn’t be a problem.  Icy roads were a concern but it didn’t look bad.  I would decide when I got there.

I dropped off my chili about a half-hour before the ride was to begin.  Not many people were there.  Most seemed to be put off by the weather reports.  I was sure I was going to ride as the roads didn’t look too bad and I was itching to try my new Sony AS200 ActionCam.

We had only four show to ride and one had a flat tire.  I gave her my extra tube but it was presta and her bike was setup for schrader so we had to wait as it was patched.

We got on the road and it was cold.  Luckily I had some nice insulated cycling gloves.  They made all the difference.  We decided to take a shorter route and stay on the MUP (Multi-User Path).  We went to Kipton and back.  Easy first ride with no one going too fast.  Too cold and too early in the season for that.  When we got to Kipton I found that they extended the path.  Unfortunately it is gravel.  I’m hoping they pave it before too long.

I got a new Sony Actioncam and took video of the ride.  Here it is:

After the ride we had an assortment of chili’s and hot dogs.  Everyone settled in and games popped out.  Of course I pulled out my chess set and won a few games.  All and all it was a very nice way to spend a good part of a Saturday.

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